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This week, you guys. Divergent hits theaters this week! éà

While you plan which faction you will be representing with your outfit to the movies on March 21 (all black for the Dauntless, duh!), you may want to check out some of the early reviews for the highly anticipated adaptation of Veronica Roth's YA novel. Although Shailene Woodley and Theo James are said to give strong performances, critics seemed rather bored with film, noting the extreme similarities to The Hunger Games and other young adult books.

However, many also note that fans of the series will still be pleased with Neil Burger's creation. It's those that are new to the Divergent world that may find themselves underwhelmed.

The Hollywood Reporter states, "Dystopia can be presented in dynamic ways, but this iteration of it is, above all, no picnic for the audience. Woodley, a sensitive performer, is hamstrung by the screenplay but lends her role relatability and a convincing athleticism. Burger and Kuchler's unfortunate preference for mascara-ad close-ups, however, detracts from the character's grit. In the hands of Burger, whose credits include The Illusionist and Limitless, the story's elements of spectacle, decay, symbolism and struggle only rarely feel fully alive. Lackluster direction in the early installments of other YA franchises hasn't slowed their momentum, though. Divergent will be no exception."